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Welkom to Rabbit’s Cove whippets.

We are not professional breeders but passionate whippet lovers. This is a serious hobby to us. Our first concern is therefore to ensure that we protect the breed and the characteristics of the whippet. We are take great care in selecting potential breeding combinations.Our dogs live at home with us, they are part of our family. If we have to say goodbye to a puppie, that has been  born here. It's feels like we are giving away a child . So It is important for us to find loving family's  for the youngsters.

Our love for whippets is not that old. We only learned about this wonderful breed in 2007. But it was love at first sight! The elegance of their moves when they are walking on the streets, their typical cockroach position when they are lying on the sofa. Do not underestimate them, because they have a very sportive body. And they can use it!! So it is necessary for you and the dogs to get enough exercise. For whippets it is relaxation. At our home we see to it that they get  a lot of exercise and training. All this is important for their wellbeing on the racetrack. Even though whe do not have  great champions on the track, all of them enjoy the racing. It is just one big game to them. At home, we see each one of them as a champion.